When people talk about age, libido comes to the forefront. Low sex drive is what a lot of women experience particularly during middle age. In general, female sex drive is less than the male sex drive because the standard driver of sexual libido is testosterone.

Menopause And Sex

Women in their 40s or after 40s may experience loss of sexual desire before and after menopause. The decrease in estrogen associated with menopause causes many medical conditions. The genital tract namely the vagina and urinary tract change. The tissues may become thin, they may bleed easily and they may tear easily. For this reason, the vagina also becomes very dry and sexual relations become very painful.

Women will also notice an increase in infections with menopause that is because the tissues of both the vagina and the urinary tract change so the bacteria can more easily invade these areas. Also, women report a decrease in libido and a decrease in sexual arousal and satisfaction, and this is totally normal. There is nothing wrong with you if you feel a decrease in your sexual drive.

Reviving Sex Drive

How can you find your lost libido? What can you do to improve your sex drive? It’s important for people to realize that the purpose of a sex drive is to reproduce. So it’s really normal for women as they get past the reproductive stage to not have that intense drive to want to have sex.

Sometimes, there are significant medical problems that cause someone to have definite female sexual dysfunction. Another factor is the hormonal and non-hormonal deficiencies, when women lose their sex hormones due to undergoing medical procedures or if they have had abusive situations in the past. Fortunately, there are hormonal treatments that can correct genital syndrome of menopause. No woman should suffer with painful sexual activity.

There are also numerous ways to increase your libido naturally. One of the things that you can do is concentrate on your circulatory system – and that means by exercising, jogging, walking, you name it – anything that gets the heart rate pumping. Another thing you can try is taking herbs that are known to get the blood flowing and increase circulation.